Biogas Accessories

Having in mind the diverse requirements of our clients B-Sustain is engaged in trading and supplying of a comprehensive range of Biogas Accessories. These are produced using latest technology and optimum quality of material which are sourced from our valuable vendors. B-Sustain chooses paramount vendors and products primarily based on the A Grade quality and the best rate in market. These Biogas Accessories are available in various size and dimensions as per the requirements of our clients.

Central Mixer
B-Sustain is pioneer in supplying central mixers for the purpose of mixing the biomass substrates within the anaerobic digesters in large scale industries. Central mixer is fixed at the middle of the biogas plant from top to make sure that the feed is completely mixed in order to stimulate enriched intake for bacteria to increase the bacterial growth.

1. Avoids scum formation
2. Ensures proper mixing
3. Increases the biogas yield up to 15%
4. Improved bacterial growth

Lateral Agitator
B-Sustain supplies wide range of lateral agitators for the purpose of mixing the slurry within the anaerobic digesters in large scale industries. Lateral agitator is fixed at the bottom digester of the biogas plant at its side to make sure that the feed is completely mixed to increase the bacterial growth.

1. Avoids scum formation
2. Increases the biogas yield up to 15%
3. Improves bacterial growth
4. Ensures proper mixing

Solid Liquid Separator
B-Sustain Separators are a state of the art technology for the separation of slurry and digester solids from the digestate.These products are produced using latest technology and best quality materialin order to obtain an easily storable product and manage nutrients at the same time.

1. Efficiency up to 70%
2. Ease of transporting
3. Increases manure resale value
4. Liquids can go back to the process to adjust dry matter content.
5. Solids are easily storable, stabilised and can be used as soild conditioner or bedding.

Submersible cutter pump
B-Sustain supplies Submersible Cutter Pumps havingsingle and double chopping system in the suction with open multichannel impeller for heavy duty applications.

Operating Data
- Capacity: max 2m3/h– 300m3/h
- Head: max 30m
- Motor rating: 0.75 kW to 20 kW

1. Eases pumping of biomass solid substrates containing high total solids (up to 20%)
2. Avoids blockages while pumping
3. Low Maintenance
4. Particle size can be up to 25mm

Biogas Boosters
Biogas Boosters are mostly used for commercial purpose so as to increase the pressure of biogas. These products are quality tested by our experts so as to provide defect free products to clients.

1. Pressure can be raised upto 1.2 bar
2. Gas suction at negative pressure
3. It can be used to supply pressurized gas into desulphurization unit and High pressure CNG compressors

Biogas analyzer
Owing to our rich industrial experience we are indulged in trading and supplying of a wide range of Biogas Analyzer for our prestigious clients. This product is mostly used to analyze the biogas composition and helps in managing the biogas plant effectively and efficiently. Based on the analysis report we could understand the composition for biogas upgrading. Also, we could monitor the methane gas purity by using the analyzer.

1. Monitor various gas composition in biogas generated
2. Analyze and report bio-methane purity level after upgradation.

Methane Gas leak Detector
It is very important to monitor flammable and toxic gases therefore this product is very useful to overcome the problem of Methane Gas Leak. It also ensures that there is no methane loss in the biogas plant.

1. Increases efficiency of the project
2. Detects gas leakage
3. Highly safe
4. Reduces methane loss
5. Generates alarm

Biogas flow meter
B-Sustain offers vast range of biogas flow meters to monitor and maintain the gas flow rate at various sections of the biogas plant.

1. Monitors gas generation rate from digester
2. Maintains the biogas flow into the purification system
3. Measure the impure and pure gas flow rates after upgradation.

Food waste Crusher
Food waste crusher is used to crush the vegetable and food waste before feeding into the biogas plant. B-Sustain offers expansive range of top class crushers from domestic to commercial and industrial purposes.

1. Increases Biogas yield from 25 to 50%
2. Easy & hygienic disposal of kitchen and market waste
3. Low power consumption
4. Crushes bones
5. Crushed particle size outlet <1mm