Consultancy Services

B-Sustain offers a broad service and support portfolio. Our services range from general consultancy and preliminary studies to the construction of entire project and technical support on their operation followed by regular service follow up. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of the customer, taking into account in-house staff skills and customer cost structures. We believe in creating true partnership, driven by customer imperatives.

We offer you:

1. Project site selection
2. Feasibility study
3. Proposal engineering
4. Planning and design
5. Project Engineering
6. Project management
7. Vendor selection for machineries
8. Inspection & Repairs
9. Stand-by-support
10. Maintenance contracts
11. Full-Service solutions
12. Advice on & recommendations for feedstock
13.Best-practice plant operation and optimization

Our extensive experience can help you avoid mistakes and unpleasant surprises. As an independent engineering company, we are not bound to any specific manufacturer or technology. Thus we are able to develop the optimum technical and economic solution for any specific client.

Drawing on our expertise with many comparable plants, we can then make specific recommendations on gas yield potential, biological issues and trace elements. We can also offer expert advice on alternative feedstock, and on plant modifications or expansions. Close collaboration with our service unit helps ensure maximum system uptime and consistent high performance.