Gas Engines

B-Sustain gas engines are designed to operate with a wide range of fuels. The use of distinctive residuals helps to protect the environment at the same time that avoids the harmful gases to the atmosphere. Engines and generation groups involving use of energy at the highest level, keeping the emission levels meet the most accurate standards. Because of the ability for low energy use and emissions, our engines provide an option for generation committed to save the Environment. B-Sustain gas engines can be operated with different gases such as
1. Natural gas / Biogas
2. Producer gas
3. Other gases
4. Syngas
5. Mine gas
6. Sewage gas
7. Coke gas
8. Landfill gas
9. Liquefied petroleum gas

1. Improved Efficiency
2. Less sensitive to gas composition
3. Lower NoX& SoX emissions
4. Longer engine operating life
5. Robust & Optimized
6. Maintain full load on low calorific value fuel