Biomass Gasifiers

B-Sustain offers turnkey solutions for biomass power, heat and CHP generation. B-Sustain provides gasification plants based on proven, serially manufactured equipment, as well as comprehensive technical services. The conversion of waste biomass into energy via gasification is an increasingly popular and mature technology. B-Sustain gasifiers operate on varying range of fuels.

1. Wood residue
2. Waste in the form of chips
3. Briquettes
4. Pellets
5. Agricultural waste including nut and coconut shells
6. Rice and soybean husk
7. Sunflower hulls
8. Corn cob
9. Mustard stalks
The list of suitable biomass types does not end here – we are happy to arrange a test of your material for you.

1. Handle different feed stocks
2. Modular wide range of capacities
3. No production of clinker (solid residue)
4. Wood-to-gas conversion output: over 85%
5. Tar and particulate matter exiting the reactor is low